Saturday, January 6, 2007

Burnham Park Baguio City

Burnham Park is at the heart of the city which is around a designed and artificial lake. It was named after the city's architect who was commissioned by William Howard taft, Daniel Burnham. It is the main attraction of the tourists and residents because it is within the vicinity of the businesses in Baguio.

Different facilies for recreation and relaxation are available here. Rowing a boat will is one them while having a picnic. It is the place for most of the outdoor concerts. Bikes are available to be rented or you can bring your own. Or you can just walk around and enjoy the cold atmosphere.

Skating circularly is available at the southern section. You can also exercise through playing basketball, tennis, or by just jogging around especially early in the morning. Children's playground is inevitable.

Of course visit here without food is not satisfying. There are restaurants around. And you can have the "only in the Philippines food" like balut, one day old, fishball and others.

If you want your mind to be active, there are benches and chairs around the park with a drawn chessboards in it.

It is fun staying in Burnham Park. You can stay here the whole day.


kokoi said...

burnham park is indeed a beautiful and relaxing place however, i just can't sit on the benches for 30 minutes without anyone disturbing me. beggars, mani/pedicurists, JW preachers, vendors abound!

Anonymous said...

Burnham park was beautiful before but not now. It started when Bautista became the mayor of the city. The street lights for the park does not work. the park is becoming a palengke. vendors are everywhere. This is not true only to the park but to the whole city of baguio. Garbage are everywhere!!!